All services are provided in the comfort of your own home



prenatal massage therapy

specialized perinatal bodywork to nourish muscles, relieve tension, aches, and swelling, and promote healthy circulation and restful sleep

Prenatal Benefits:

~ cramping + restless legs

~ stiffness + swelling

~ sciatica

~ stress + anxiety

~ pubic symphysis pain

~ pelvic pain

~ uterine ligament pain + round ligament release

~ abdominal itching

~ rib pain

~ thoracic outlet pain

~ carpal tunnel pain

~ neck + shoulder tension

~ headache (migraine, tension, or sinus)

~ back + body ache


labor prep massage

one or more sessions in the final weeks of pregnancy strategized to support pelvic mobility and expansion to reduce restriction in the birth canal for labor and protect the integrity of pelvic floor musculature

~ sacroiliac release

~ pelvic floor release

~ active release stretching for hip mobility


postpartum recovery massage

specialized  bodywork to speed recovery from childbirth, restore and balance  hormones, support lactation and uterine  health, and encourage structural healing and integrity

Postpartum Benefits:

~ reduce residual pain from labor

~ support breastfeeding

~ expedite digestive normalization

~ facilitate uterine repositioning / involution of uterus + fundus

~ support hormonal balance

~ prevent strain + pain from newborn care activities

~ structural balancing of pelvic muscles

~ myofascial release

~ promote cesarean healing

~ reduce scar tissue + adhesions

~ decrease swelling

doula support

Birth Massage Doula

It is an honor to help cultivate and support an environment of education and empowerment within the birthing space.  This offering provides emotional and physical labor support via strategized positioning and bodywork techniques to manage contractions and cope with the  discomfort of labor throughout the birthing process. 

Birth Doula Package:

~ 2 prenatal visits including visualizing your birth, establishing birth preferences, preparing for your birth, understanding the four aspects of the birthing process, learning laboring positions, and demonstrating labor bodywork techniques to empower your partner to offer this support

~ Massage and emotional support throughout your labor and birth

~ 1 postpartum visit to process the birth experience, support the transition into new parenthood, and provide appropriate resources

Postpartum Doula

The pillars of postpartum support include postpartum healing practices for the mother, Ayurvedic meals to support postpartum healing or assistance with meal preparation for the family, breastfeeding support, babywearing support, assistance with home management, and referrals and resources. 

Postpartum Support

~ Our postpartum planning begins with one prenatal visit to assess anticipated needs, tour your home, communicate meal preferences and dietary restrictions, and create stations to provide functional flow for your family's space to support parenting.

~ Postpartum support hours and schedule are established in pregnancy based on availability and anticipated needs.