Meet Parvaneh Dayani, CMT, NMT

Parvi is a CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist and Neuromuscular Therapist specializing in perinatal and postnatal bodywork, and she brings this expertise into her work as a Full Spectrum Birth and Postpartum Doula. She is trained as a yoga teacher and is studied in Ayurvedic wellness as well as Ayurvedic postpartum healing. As the founder of Golden Chrysalis, she supports and nurtures women as they move through the transformation into mother by facilitating their self-healing through a variety of her offerings integrating these intuitive healing arts.  Golden Chrysalis promotes nourishment of all the senses for the cultivation of vitality and harmony in body, mind, and spirit.

Parvi symphonizes modern and ancient healing modalities and self-care practices for a versatile, holistic approach to perinatal transitions and reproductive wellness.


Background + Experience

Coming from a background of providing treatments in spas including the Four Seasons Hotel in addition to her own private practice, Parvi has practiced as a massage therapist for nearly a decade. She developed a passion for prenatal care in 2015 when a pregnant client requested that she assist her in labor with massage therapy. Parvi trained in Advanced Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy under Carole Osborne in preparation for this request.

That first birth experience sparked a love and fascination that led her to train as a doula with DONA International President, Ana Paula Markel. Parvi then trained with Carriage House Birth to learn how to support mothers and families in postpartum. She has since completed over 500 hours of Yoga + Ayurveda study that complement and bolster her practice as a massage therapist and doula.

Parvi lives in Los Angeles, CA with her two beloved dogs.


"Parvi  is incredible - I can't recommend her highly enough. She did in-home  massage for me and my husband and then when I got pregnant she came more  regularly which was a total lifesaver. She is super knowledgeable and  intuitive when it comes to the human body and truly eased so many of my  intricate aches and pains during a difficult pregnancy. I always felt  supported and fully cared for during our sessions. She is the best."

-- Christine Dore Miller

"Parvi gives the most amazing prenatal massage - the best one that I have had  in 3 pregnancies. She gave me amazing sciatica relief. She comes to your  house and is an absolute sweetheart. She has amazing energy. Incredible  postnatal massage as well. Perfect for post-labor aches. She is an  expert in pregnancy and postpartum like nothing I've ever experienced!"

-- Sophie Jaffe

"Parvi is a one of a kind! I have known Parvi for a few years as a  massage therapist. Once she became a doula, it was a no brainer to hire  her for the birth of my second daughter. She will instantly make you  feel comfortable and listened to. She is very caring, prepared and  thorough. I always enjoyed our pre-labor visits and felt very  comfortable with her. Once I went into labor and was ready for her, she  came to my house and began with massage. It helped encourage my  contractions and also just felt good and relaxing (she really is an  amazing massage therapist!). All throughout my labor at home and the  hospital, I felt very supported by her! She did more massage, interacted  with the nurses, encouraged me to try different birthing positions  (which while you are in labor are hard to remember!), and was just a  steady loving friend. Once we were home from the hospital, she did some  follow up visits, which included some amazing homemade ayurvedic food!  The meals were warming and delicious and even my 2 year old enjoyed some  of them! Parvi is a dream and I would recommend her to anyone in a  heartbeat!"

-- Kate Hall